Dear Friends, Dear Members,

SIMPPAR 2017 is now closed : this was a one year hard work !!

This organisation was conducted masterfully by his chief orchestra and all his team.

The show brought together 71 exhibitors from 17 countries, including 42 suppliers of essential oils and natural products, 21 synthetic products, 5 equipment manufacturers, 5 associations, 4 schools and universities and 5 Professional magazines, to accommodate more than 1,500 visitors.

We were able to live a very professional exhibition, to smell magnificent products and to live moments of convivialities very warm.

Another highlight of this event was the presentation of the international Perfumer's prize. The winner this year is a young Chinese: Steve GUO who has succeeded a pretty Chypre that all SIMPPAR participants could smell in the gift that the company Robertet had the kindness to offer at the end of the cocktail.

Under the apparent simplicity of a prize-giving ceremony, a considerable amount of work is spread over a year: sending of the prize theme, research of members of the two juries, pre-selection of perfumes received, sample filling, the codifications ... etc.

Congratulations to Marielle Dubreuil-Ruquet and all the members of the SFP who helped her.

Congratulations to the members of the two juries who responded with enthusiasm and implication.

Congratulations to Mrs Yannick Bonal for the splendid trophy made of soft papers.

Rendez-vous on 5th and 6th June 2019 for the next SIMPPAR …

Véronique Dupont
New President of the SFP

Espace Champerret
6, rue Jean Oestreicher
75017 PARIS